Posted by: Andy | July 30, 2009

Debbie Gibson vs. Super Sized Sushi Platter

51XQAmLldOL._SS500_My job is to place movies all over the East Coast. I am responsible for making studio goals happen while at the same time preserving my soul by not selling in a multitude of junk at my clients shops. Clients in the Video Industry are alot like Elephants in that they never forget. I still have people quoting non-performing titles from seven years ag0. Punch Drunk Love still haunts me. ( “Why is Happy Gilmore so sad all the time in that movie.” was my most common question)

Maritimers are a fickle bunch in what rents and what collects cobwebs on the their local video store shelf.  Although I have a penchant and passion for art house,  foreign film and documentaries, your average video store client wants something with cover art that features a half naked woman on a snowmobile toting a semi-automatic machine gun.

My worst case product placement scenario is trying to move a black and white, subtitled, French Canadian coming of age drama about lesbians into an establishment other than Video Difference (the King of alt-vid goodness)

As much as I tout myself  a red blooded, purveyor of Classic Cinema there will always be a part of me who loves a horrible Z grade film and the potential it has to offer in a night of gutteral guffaws, evil natured heckling and general disbelief that some films actually get produced albeit by oblivious foreign investors sold on some seemingly bankable concept scribbled on a bar napkin just after doing 3 lines of coke in the bathroom.

Now Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus is a film for the B movie masses and yours truly.  A film that brings together two super powers of unlimited pop culture potential. No not the titular creatures but 80’s icons Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas (Snake Eater y’all!).

I  could feel my lactose tolerance rising as I watched the trailer for this Fromage Epic.

Not since Shark Attack 3: Megalodon have I felt this giddy for the possibility of so many unintentional WTF moments (if the trailer is any inkling). Seriously 1:03 mark is the money shot.

Sadly this tale of battling behemoths is currently not available for me to peddle in Canada.  I must discover what lies beneath the seething sexual chemistry that exudes on screen. Were the Shark and Octopus lovers? How does that even work? When did Debbie Gibson change her name and her nose?

So if you are a friend in the U.S. and want to do me a solid – hop on and send me a copy.

I promise to Pay it Forward (remember Kevin Spacey played Edward James Almos?) at a later date.

And by Pay it Forward I mean review the film at a later date



  1. you are in love with debbie gibson – no matter what she does!

  2. Hey, have you seen CONTROL?

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