Posted by: Andy | July 30, 2009

Eatzilla! Your daily dose of totally useless weird news, rants & reviews.

And on the fourth Humpeth Day in July of the the Lords year 2009 Eatzilla was born. Created in his own vision, Andy decided it was time to stop pestering the Facebook Faithful will non-stop Twitter-like updates like a Girl Guide at doors her first day of Cookie peddling.

Armed with piss and or vinegar. the love for a good rant and his general fascination with the bizarre, pop cultural, culinary –  My promise is to keep it fast, weird and fun. Much like being groped on a rollercoaster by that creepy Coccoon extra Red Flags dude.

See? I have no real clue where this Blog is going. I don’t have a fancy GPS on my desktop telling me when to review a new flavor of Pringles when I should have wrote an article on how much I hate Crows. (oh and I have – I’ll post it soon once I lift it off of Facebook) Think of Eatzilla! as an overstuffed pinata of verbal candy.

Time to go grab a stick.



  1. I like pinatas!

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