Posted by: Andy | August 10, 2009

I Scream for Ice-Cream! All Kneel Before Cold Stone Creamery.

Ok Ok as I am currently on a sugar high thanks to the newest Ice Cream Babylon in the Halifax Municipality. That being Cold Stone Creamery. The only site East of Quebec is up and scooping at the  Tim Hortons Donut Shop in Bedford (across from the Sobeys.) I`d thought I`d ensure you are heading there the next time you have a hankerin`for some over the top flavors like The Pie Who Loved Me, Cookie Mintster and Our Strawberry Blonde.

For those South of the Border, I’m sure you are much more well versed in all things Cold Stone – but for the uneducated here is a brief blurb from their site… which I am positive will result in your sweet tooth forcibly ousting itself from your mouth and hailing a taxi in order to get to this destination immediately.

Since opening our first store in 1988, Cold Stone has reinvented what people expect from their ice cream experience. By using only the finest ingredients to make our ice cream and mixing in your choice of fruit, nuts, chocolate or fresh cake (to name just a few!) on a frozen granite stone, Cold Stone delivers the best tasting ice cream, customized for you every time. And to make your perfect Creation complete, add a freshly made waffle cone or bowl the smell alone is pure nirvana.

I`m not much into the whole busker-esque presentation of someone preparing my food  in front of me. I don`t get any kicks from a Subway Artist layering my 6 inch cold cut so why should this be any different. However I was briefly transfixed like a deer in headlights while my requested ingredients were mixed on the cold granite stone, being folded over and over together in some type of erotic dance (almost achieving Lambada sleaziness). I`ve never felt dirty about ice-cream before but the sight of sugar, cream and Skittles getting it on before oozing into my cup made it taste all that more indulgent. My fellow Cold Stone comrades told me to get a room.

The joint does to ice-cream what Cinnabon did to well, cinnamon buns. Oh did I mention they also carry limited edition Jell-o pudding flavors in Chocolate and Vanilla! Tight.

Three sizes are available at Cold Stone -Like It, Love it or Need it.

Now on record I don`t work or get kick-backs from Cold Stone Creamery or its stockholders  however I will tell you this – it kicks local scooperies like Pinkys and Jesus Cones jimmies all over town.

P.S. I also hear they offer a nutritional line of smoothies and sorbets. I don`t really see the point to that. It`s like going to a Swingers party and playing Scrabble.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the rest of the Summer.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the rest of the Summer.



  1. OMFG!!! There is one of these in Halifax now??? There was one 1 minute walk from our hotel in Boston… I was there for 4 months for work and I ate there almost daily. mmmmmmmmmmmm

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