Posted by: Andy | October 9, 2010

Andy’s Halloween Trailer Park: The Stuff (1985)

I’m going through the creepy closet of horror-tastic DVDs I’ve been collecting like an old cat lady on A&E’s Hoarders and selecting culturally significant films worth mentioning. The classics I am speaking of though are not from the same silver screen  graduating class that gave us Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein Monster or Lon Chaney Jr.’s  Wolfman.

No, I am plot plundering  the cheese riddled decade of the 80`s. Where LaserDiscs still lived , Mr T. had a Saturday Morning Cartoon, and George Lucas hadn’t even thought about violating his Trilogy Deliverance style yet. Thanks to Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween – a boom of low budget, direct to video films were getting green lighted faster than it took a nerd to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

A decade where a major movie studio (the now defunct New World Pictures) would have no problem raising the scratch to make a movie about a killer dessert. Yes, you read that right. The Stuff is essentially a film about an evil alien yogurt /marshmallow fluff hybrid who eats you from within after digesting.

No, not one of those Jello mold deals with the fruit and carrot suspended in lime green limbo but some type of delicious organism a couple of miners stumbled upon as it bubbled up out of the ground. Now, unless I’m Jed Clampett and I am a poor shot and it’s oil, I’m not really sure why anyone should decide to sell an anonymous, white goo which had been ejecting itself from the Earth’s core.

But this is a horror movie and it is an evil corporation who need to keep their shareholders happy,  so the sinister snack soon finds itself on grocery shelves and seemingly into every families refrigerato . Mainly due to spectacular sexy ad campaigns like this gem.

Yes, nobody can get enough of “the Stuff”. As it get more and more addictive, the film shifts from a thinly veiled skewering of consumerism in the Reagan era to a deliciously ode to “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Later on, as the Stuff finally is revealed as an entity hell bent on world domination (ironically the same as the evil corporation that had marketed it) becomes a scrumptious salute to “the Blob”

For you Grey’s Anatomy nuts, feel free to go Where’s Waldo and look for a very early Patrick Dempsey sighting.

This flick is a testament to practical and miniature effects. With a budget just slightly over 1.5 million, the Stuff really gives us more than anyone could have expected for a Toppings Gone Wild film.

Are you eating it or is it eating you?


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