Posted by: Andy | October 13, 2010

Andy’s Halloween Trailer Park: Ghoulies (1985)

What self respecting Horror fan could resist a movie that features a bald, teethy, slimy Muppet knee deep in a filthy toilet?  Apparently not too many of us.

Ghoulies, a blatantly obvious Gremlins knock-off which offered the added bonus of blood, hot 80’s chicks in tight dresses and filthy demonic creatures gave us everything that would make Gizmo implode from un-PG-13nish.

Ghoulies went on to rake in just about $35,000,000 when all was said and done. Not a bad return on investment considering it’s budget was a paltry estimated one million. From the the thrifty mind of Charles Band a leader in 80’s B-movie output, who would later go on to found Full Moon Pictures (PuppetMaster /Demonic Toys / Trancers)

Ghoulies are tiny, troublesome demons conjured up by a possessed twenty something douche bag party boy at his inherited, and quite haunted mansion.  They essentially look like inbred unions between Cabbage Patch and Garbage Pail Kids after being dipped in barrels of Vaseline.

The creatures themselves are mostly shown in close-ups as puppetry was the main (translation: most cost effective) choice for bringing them to life. This was years before CG effects kids. As a treat, and only in a few scenes the Ghoulies got the royal stop-motion treatment. Much like watching old Ray Harryhausen films, this type of animation is still charming in it’s simplicity and a treat to watch. Yes even in a movie about horny teens being terrorized by blood thirsty hob-goblins in heavy syrup.  It’s old school personified. A lost art indeed.

As an added bonus for you Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fans, a young  Mariska Hargitay makes her film debut sporting some choice 80’s big hair.

Followed up by three questionable sequels including an installment where the Ghoulies head to College. No, really.


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