Posted by: Andy | October 15, 2010

Hell’s Kitchen Drinking Game!

Not familiar with Hell’s Kitchen on Fox?

Think televisions “Survivor” meets “The Apprentice” meets “Iron Chef” with the added bonus of bleeped out obscenities and plenty of undercooked food.  Where lucky chefs, aspiring to be the next big thing in the culinary world end up becoming reduced to berated, sweaty serfs knee deep in “the Weeds” every freakin’ episode. Much to the delight of viewers like myself who always enjoy a deliciously, yet oh so cookie cutter produced reality show disaster .

This show is the Titanic of gravy train wrecks.

Well here’s a new drinking game (watch for me on Dragon’s Den pitching the board game version very soon!) I’ve created based on the long running series that keeps Chef Gordon Ramsay in big bags of money. Going by the repetitive nature of any given episode of Hell’s Kitchen, you’ll pretty much by shit faced before the second commercial break.

This games goes best with each person utilizing  multiple glasses of Guiness and shot glasses filled with Wild Turkey. Or whatever you have kicking around. You just need a beer and a hard liquor to enable a Depth Charge (dropping a shot glass into the larger glass of beer and then chugging it.) Word to the wise, plan ahead. I only had Creme de Menthe and Bud Lime. The end result was me vomiting something I like to call the  Hispanic Leprechaun.

Hells Kitchen Drinking Game Rules

1) Someone is verbally accosted by Chef Gordo (1 drink)

– They’re called some variety of  farm animal (2 drinks)

– They’re called a Donkey (1 shot)

– He makes them cry (Depth Charge!)

2) Someone improperly cooks a food item (1 drink)

– It’s raw (2 drinks)

– It’s scallops or risotto (1 shot )

– It’s scallop risotto (Depth Charge)

3) Chef Ramsay is displeased with a an entree brought to the pass.(1 drink)

-He demands everyone on that team come over and look at the mistake (2 drinks)

-He slams the plate and/or contents onto the prep table violently (shot!)

-He kicks or throws the plate and /or contents against a wall, onto the floor or at a contestant! (Depth Charge!)

Like I said.. your liver will be pate in about 20 minutes of viewing. Enjoy!!


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